The Silva Method - Life System and Intuition Training

Awaken the power of your mind!  The Silva Method

Classes held in Seattle WA and Sheridan WY.
$695 for new students (one-time tuition)
$65 sitting fee for Graduates to repeat
(This fee is lowered when a Graduate refers/brings a new student to the class.)

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Its Blue Monday again! Blue Monday, the day we’re told that many of us have already slipped off the ‘resolution pathway’.

Every year many of us make New Year's Resolutions… and many of us have trouble keeping them. Then we may feel like a failure.

Let's think about this: what is a resolution? It’s all about our thoughts, wishes, ideas, needs, requirements or desires to make our lives better. To be successful we need to remember one thing.… we create by thought, word and deed.

So, the thought is that we want to make our life better in some way.

It is important to focus on what you are really after when you state your resolution and why it’s important. How important is it to you? How will this make your life better? How will you feel when you are successful?

The word is our statement of the resolution… followed by a plan of action.

All of us realize that results require action. What will your plan of action look like? Is this realistic for you? How committed are you to taking action?

The deed is to implement the action.

Sometimes it is difficult to know which actions would work best. Sometimes we could use a sounding board for our ideas – or a cheerleader who encourages us.

Join us in our MasterMind to get on track to reach your intentions and go even beyond your resolutions. This is a limited time offering...only 4 invitations.


4 people in the MasterMind

1 to 1 ½ hours each session

meet once a week or every other week (the group makes this decision)


Get in touch with me by January 31st and we'll get started manifesting our intentions.

Don't wait another year to begin a better life!


'Deep Dive' Into Silva 2019


Silva 'Deep Dive'

Congratulations Silva Graduates! Each of you has completed the Silva Method program - whether the Basic or the Life System and Intuition System.

As Grads, you have a brand new shiny 'toolbox' with many tools inside. (Tools is another way of talking about the Silva techniques you learned in class.) tools you can use in unlimited ways! Which tool is bright and shiny from frequent use since it's a favorite? Is there more than one you use often?

Some of us may look at our toolbox and realize there are tools we've only occasionally used... they're sort of dusty. Sadly, some of our tools may be really rusty. Ever wonder what you could do with those... how your life could be better and better through their use?

Now is the time to get your tools and shine them up at the 'Deep Dive' workshop!

Come to historic Story, Wyoming, May 18-19 for a 1 ½ day workshop

'Deep Dive' workshop investment is $159

Let's get together and share encouragement, accolades, stories and ideas. By the end of the workshop, you'll have a supercharged toolbox... a supercharged You!


Accommodations available at later date.

Reservations must be made TBA. Class size minimum is 8 and maximum is 12.

Register for the 'Deep Dive' workshop on my website.

This is not a repeat of the class. We do have a shortened repeat of several Techniques (but not all of the following) such as

   Dream Recall & Use

   Glass of Water


   MOM (Mirror of the Mind)

   Healing technique

   Lab & Counselors - How would you use this?

     For instance...

     forgiveness - whether person has passed over or not

     clear up misunderstandings, improve relationships

     meet with your 'lost' loved one

     creativity - meet with your favorite artist

     travel in time



Mastering the Law of Attraction

There's been much interest and discussion about The Law of Attraction since "The Secret" has become well known and Oprah had several shows on the topic. You probably have been reading about these principles for some years now and maybe you've become a master 'at it' already. Or not.

Introducing a workshop which is like no other you've heard of or attended! While there may be some things in common with other programs, there are more things that are exclusively found here.

I attended a retreat with Barbara that I found incredibly valuable....There were three wonderful exercises that were very powerful for making sure I was congruent with my Soul's contract. One of them cleared away all the woundings associated with the blocks to my success. There was so much more I cannot begin to describe it all. Barbara has a way of giving each person the time they need while not forgetting the rest of the group. I came away with deep insights into my patterns and new energy to manifest my goals for the coming year. Barbara creates a relaxed and supportive environment to do deep internal work. I look forward to taking more classes with (her) in the future. ~Kriss Shellman

You're going to love this workshop and it will be great to see you again!

For more information, Email Barbara Hawkins