Why People Smoke

Why People Smoke

Why people smoke even when they say they don't want to is a puzzle to most people, especially their friends and family.

Since smoking is both physical and mental, success in a stop-smoking effort must change not only the mental attitude but the physical reaction. Through hypnosis it is possible to change with no withdrawal symptoms; and there are no needs to compensate for the lack of the medicine through overeating, sucking hard candies, etc.

In some cases a gradual reduction in the number of cigarettes smoked proves successful. Of many procedures available the hypnotist will select that which is most appropriate for the individual client.

In some cases, effective cessation of smoking can be achieved in a single session. In other cases three, four or five sessions may be required.

Individual sessions have the advantage of being adjustable to deal with the causes of the habit, the gratifications provided, the characteristic of the clients and similar matters not fitting group work.

It is important to determine just what personal need is satisfied by smoking. Reasons why people smoke range from a need to nurture themselves – less loneliness to wanting to get a “pick-up” at the start of or during the day. Others feel smoking will relieve stress or provide moments of relaxation. Still more feel cigarette smoking makes social contacts more comfortable. The problem is that a habit adopted to meet a special need often proves destructive, eliminating the need by destroying the smoker. The risks entailed in smoking have been stressed and analyzed for years. 

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