The Power of Visualization and the Mind

The Power of Visualization and the Mind

The power of visualization to improve athletic performance has been recognized by Olympic trainers for years.

Mental rehearsal, also termed visualization, can create and reaffirm the confidence necessary to achieve top performance. The picture visualized in the mind can convince the subconscious that achievement is possible. The automatic nervous system performs in exactly the same manner followed during a physical rehearsal. Neuromuscular coordination improves.

What your mind can conceive, you can achieve. If you can think it and see it in your mind, you can do it!

What can be accomplished through the powers of the mind? Perhaps most important is the development of positive attitudes. Negative thoughts pertaining to performance skills can be changed or eliminated. Enjoyment of the sport will be enhanced to a major degree through the power of visualization as skills improve to the point where intermittent incidents of poor performance no longer arouse irritation, anger, discouragement or detrimental emotional reaction.

Concentration, technique, coordination all can improve as well as awareness of proper form and posture. Sports enthusiasts face the same stumbling blocks that people have to deal with in other areas of life. The biggest block of all is fear, and fear comes in many forms. Fear of failure is always restrictive and is very common in sports, as is its hidden partner, fear of success – an apprehension that success can create the expectation (among others) of further improvement. Fear of humiliation can be strong. Competition can produce sensations of intimidations resulting in deterioration of skills. Hypnosis and applied self-hypnosis can work to reduce or eliminate the mental obstacles to peak performance in sport activities. The truth of the phrase “what the mind can conceive, the body can achieve” becomes highly evident.

And hypnosis can assist with all of this!

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