Sports Visualization and the Steps to Achievement

Sports Visualization and the Steps to Achievement

Sports Visualization and the Steps to Achievement', '

The goal of sports visualization is to enable the athlete to achieve their personal best level, performing at their peak.

As with virtually all hypnosis, the first step must be relaxation. Relaxation to a level appropriate for the implanting of hypnotic suggestion is not really resting. It is deep, and can be brought about by a hypnotist or it can be learned from a teaching hypnotist or even through study and practice using any of several excellent books on the subject.

Goal-setting is essential. Without having an objective, it is pointless to begin a task, project or trip. Goals may be set by athletes, coaches or therapists or a combination thereof. It is important for goals to be specific, focused on the area in which improvement is desired.

Playing better tennis is not a valid goal. Improving a serve or backhand is a goal.

Goals must be short-term achievable and step-by-step, so that both success and completion are experienced.

Concentration is vitally important, and sometimes difficult to develop. Hypnosis has long been an effective means of improving concentration capabilities. Distractions must be eliminated.

Post-hypnotic cues may prove useful in stimulating both concentration and specific skills. Visualization, not just in mental rehearsing, but at the moment of performance can produce dramatic results.

Mental rehearsal is the ultimate key to superlative performance. It can prove more productive than physical practice.

Imagery is not merely visual in nature; it can include all the senses. In a sports, visualization for a diving competition, the form of the dive is visual; the smell of chlorine water is olfactory; the wetness of the entry is sensory, the cheers auditory. Perfection requires the use of all senses!

Hypnosis can assist the athlete with all of this!

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