Learning Self Motivation

Learning Self Motivation

Hypnosis is a safe, easy, lasting way to achieving greater self-esteem and confidence! With self-esteem and confidence enhanced, improved self motivation comes into the spotlight.

Psychologist Maslow defines five levels at which people are motivated:

Psychological – food, drink, sleep, sex;

Safety – protection, freedom from fear, order;

Belongingness – love, social contact, family, friends;

Esteem – self-respect, need to be valued; Self-Actualization – the need to grow, to achieve one’s potential.

Essential to generating positive motivation is elimination of any fear of failure (or its often hidden counterpart, fear of success).

First, it is important to recognize motivations and subsequent successes of the past.

Second, a sense of direction is needed (Where am I going?).

Then comes the all important factor of “goal-setting”. Not the ultimate goal, but a short term, quickly achievable goal – a first step to provide convincing proof that forward movement is established.

Finally, on achievement of this goal, self-reward. This constitutes self-recognition, a powerful motivating factor. This reward may be a self-treat, or the pride of achievement and self-satisfaction. The lesson learned will be lasting: Success Breeds Success! The purpose of establishing short-term, successive goals is important to understand. A small success generates additional confidence. It creates a sense of completion, readiness and eagerness for the next step. The end result: Self motivation!


For most people, the absolute worst way to attempt to achieve a goal, change, is through the use of willpower. Like moods and emotions, willpower fluctuates. One day it is strong. The next day may be a down day, willpower fades. It is usually neither consistent nor effective.

There are many tips and tricks designed to help build up the personal power change. The good news is that hypnosis is a safe, easy, lasting way to achieving your goals. 

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