How to stop smoking by hypnosis

How to stop smoking by hypnosis

You CAN stop smoking through hypnosis.

How many times have you heard someone say, "You can stop smoking if you want it bad enough."? For most people, the absolute worst way to attempt to deal with a smoking habit is through the use of willpower. Like moods and emotions, willpower fluctuates. One day it is strong. The next day may be a down day, willpower fades. It is usually neither consistent nor effective. Among stop-smoking procedures there are countless methods, programs, substitute products, pills, chewing gums, self-help tapes and books, etc. Many are designed to help build up the personal power to resist or overcome the addiction. The good news is that hypnosis does not work at achieving the strength to resist. It is designed to eliminate the desire. Instead of giving up something that a person enjoys (a sacrifice), the individual’s goal is to be rid of something that isn’t wanted – a much more agreeable position psychologically.

Visualization works AND it lasts! One of the most powerful attributes of the human psyche is the ability of visualization. Many hypnotherapists, working with many types of problems, program clients to accept the belief that, “What the mind can conceive, you can achieve!” Hypnosis can help develop and focus the powers of visualization. And since visualization is frequently undeveloped in clients, and since it can be learned, hypnosis can serve as a teaching modality.

In stop-smoking programs the ability to visualize one’s self as a non-smoker, free from past effects of the habit, filled with new health, energy and vitality, is a major asset. Visualization enables the client to stop smoking through hypnosis by picturing in the mind how wonderful it's going to be to be free of that old, expensive habit. Likewise it is possible to picture and otherwise sense clean breath, healthy appearance, sensitive tastes, etc. Through visualization a smoker can perceive himself/herself as looking healthier, more active, in better physical condition, with easier breathing, stronger lungs and similar advantages.

Through hypnosis senses of sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste all can be enhanced and used to modify reactions as necessary to achieve goals. Once a smoker has achieved success in a stop-smoking program it may be necessary to reinforce the programming that led to the new way of living.

Smoking habits are acquired over a long period of time. Learning to stop smoking through hypnosis is very effective way of acquiring new, more positive habits almost immediately. Even though the smoker may have ceased smoking, the habit could still be active. But like most activities, if not used, it tends to fade and disappear. The hypnotist can take measures to reinforce the programming at time the client says they need a boost to maintain success until the habit is totally, permanently gone.

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