How to Build Self Esteem

How to Build Self Esteem

High self-esteem is a basic essential of success. Low self-esteem, however, does not suddenly appear, like the symptom of an illness. It develops, like a cancer, usually unnoticed in early stages, but spreading slowly throughout the mind until, when recognized, it may be full-blown, demoralizingly destructive and possibly even terminal.

Low self-esteem actually must be dealt with before progress can be achieved in building self-confidence and creating motivation. It is difficult for a person to show confidence when he views himself as low man on his own totem pole.

While poor self-esteem can emanate from events which might be considered personal setbacks (in business, relationships, health etc.), the primary cause is negative programming from the past. It might be a product of judgmental parents, teachers, authority figures, relatives, friends. Many times derogatory comments, ridicule, relentless criticism and similar factors ignore commendable achievement and simply focus on and accentuate the negative.

Frequently these events, hurts or negative valuations are absorbed by and buried in subconscious memory, with the victim totally unaware of the sources of troubled feelings, fears, self-doubt and damaging attitudes.

Build self esteem with hypnosis:  we know that the subconscious mind is the storage house of memory. Through hypnosis it is possible to set aside the conscious mind, seek, locate and uncover the detrimental memories which are adversely affecting the personality, and in bringing the problems to light and understanding, accomplish a resolution which can free the client from the past and open the doors to future progress and achievement.

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