Goal Setting Problems

Goal Setting Problems

Goal setting problems plague all of us at one time or another. Most people have dreams – of success, wealth, love, career advancement, resolution of problems or whatever. Few carry them through planning to achievement.

Learning special techniques under the retention power of hypnosis can help in the achievement of dreams.

One of the major goal setting problems has been described as the “Playpen Syndrome”. It begins virtually at birth, when young children are naturally very suggestible. They want to be liked. They learn from parents, teachers and authority figures that if they do what they are told, they will be liked. If they create problems, they won’t be liked. Young children are placed by parents in a playpen where they are considered safe and out of trouble. They become comfortable in that environment. They are out of the way, they are fed, changed, watched – taken care of. And they are liked because they do not create problems. They are left in the playpen where their needs are met, they don’t get into trouble, and they are liked.

But they are not encouraged to learn or advance.

Many children grow up in a playpen. In sports they are allowed to play on teams regardless of their proficiency at the sport, without real motivation to improve. This could be a situation on many life situations. 

Is the "playpen syndrome" holding you back? Hypnosis can definitely help with this!

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