Career Goals

Career Goals

Learn to set career goals and achieve them through hypnosis. One of the most valuable suggestions which can be implanted through hypnosis consists of only eight words: “What your mind can conceive, YOU can achieve!” There is no more important message, for the statement can be applied to any goal, whether it''s a career goal or physical, mental or spiritual goal.

The mind is a powerhouse, capable of accomplishments beyond the most vivid imagination. To achieve the potential implied by the above statement, four elements are necessary: Desire The goal must be important. It must be really wanted. A casual expression such as “I’d like to …” is not nearly sufficient. The desire must be deep and permanent.

Belief It is vital to believe that the goal is achievable, however improbably it may seem. Belief, also known as Faith, is a powerful force, capable of performing miracles. This is not necessarily a spiritual requirement. The Faith must be in the Self.

Expectation Hope won’t do the job. Thinking that achievement of a goal would be nice is not sufficient. Expectation is required.

Success is not a matter of “IF”, it is a matter of “WHEN”! There is no room for doubt.

Demand Finally, it is essential that the goal-seeker demand of himself/herself the attitudes and actions necessary to full achievement. As the old saying goes, “There ain’t no free lunch!”

Given the above elements, the fact remains: “What your mind can conceive, you can achieve.” The mind conceives through visualization, which comes easier for some people than others. Yet it can be learned and acquired – hypnosis can help in this – and the benefits last a lifetime. But it is essential to learn how to set and achieve goals. Implanting the procedures and techniques through hypnosis is very helpful.

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