Can you really lose weight without dieting?

Can you really lose weight without dieting?

So, you want to lose weight without dieting? How about a program that doesn't require diets, changing foods or willpower?

Let me explain our weight-reduction program, the hypnotherapist said to the inquiring prospective client. We don’t, in most cases, use diet procedures. We find that a problem with diets is that there is a major change of eating habit patterns and that all the time the client is looking forward to achievement of the weight goal, at which time the client can resume eating “normal” food. Once the weight change is achieved, the client celebrates by enjoying a reward meal of favorite tastes. At this point there often begins an upward weight trend which can recover all of the lost weight and even add a few pounds more.

Therefore our approach is that the client may eat steak and potatoes, or perhaps spaghetti and meat balls – whatever is most desired. The only difference is that, through the effects of hypnosis, a much lesser amount of food will be desired and consumed. Hence, the client can lose weight without dieting.

The advantage is that since no enjoyable foods are denied, nothing is given up; there is no need or desire to return to foods that have been forbidden. The client simply continues to eat what has been enjoyed all along, except that quantities are reduced and, through hypnosis, the appetite is fully satisfied with modest portions of food. This scenario and weight-reduction program is just one of the many that utilize the powers and the benefits of hypnosis to enable a client to take off, and keep off, unwanted pounds.

The client need not give up enjoying cocktails or hors d’oeuvres at a party. The client will enjoy one of whatever is served, but after such a “taste”, will be completely satisfied, neither desiring nor accepting further offerings. The hostess is satisfied that her efforts have been appreciated. Everybody wins! This is particularly effective with people whose excess weight is from overeating, especially where the habit involves taking of multiple helpings at meals.

There are those whose excess weight is due to physiological causes. Such cases may require medical intervention. However, where undesirable weight is due to overeating, metabolism is likely much less involved that the mind. Changing thoughts and attitudes of the mind can lead to major changes in life and a quick, easy way to lose weight without dieting. It can be very helpful, therefore, to determine what may be the causes of a tendency to overeat. Sometimes this information is evident or well-known. Other times it may be suppressed, buried in some incident or event of the past for which overeating provides a sense of compensation or relief from pressures or anxieties, lacks in life, grief, anger or other emotions, sometimes dating back to childhood. Hypnotic regression often can ferret out causes, and sometimes even the simple understanding of the causes can result in elimination of the problem.

If you could lose weight without dieting, would you do it?

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