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The Comprehensive Hypnosis Certification Training Course with Barbara Jo Hawkins.

This course is for EVERYONE - not only therapists.

Call 253-225-9731 for information / registration.

It is the cream of Hypnosis, NLP and Applied Kinesiology in a practical, hands-on format.

Barbara orients you to the profoundly healing uses of hypnosis for lay people and professionals alike. Help your children, your friends; help yourself!

The emphasis is on "getting to the cause" rather than attempting to change by just adding new suggestions to the brain.

This training could change your life! You can let go of crippling emotions and have positive life changes DURING the course!

And you practice, practice, PRACTICE. You have the opportunity to practice everything you're learning.

During the class you will develop and expand your skill using inductions, deepenings, self-hypnosis, age regression, rapid phobia treatment, Treasured memory technique, Divine Intervention technique, change prior life scripts, language of unconscious influence for daily life, even past life regression.  Your 'after-class' practice and homework expand your skills even further and your feeling of competence increases even further!

And much more!

Comprehensive Hypnosis Training - Break through to a new level of meaning in your life!

Even if you've had other training you'll want to experience this one! Normally available only in Washington, Wyoming,  North Carolina and Virginia, this course is virtually unique. If you prefer that I travel to you for a private training, that can be arranged.

This course is a brilliant blend of traditional suggestion hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and Kinesiology. Also you'll be introduced to Ericksonian Language and practice it.

During the class you'll have lots of time to practice and, when the class is completed, you feel both competent and confident. You know you've learned quality techniques which can create significant – even amazing – change and you know you're competent to use them.

One of the things that's distinctive about this class is that, when the training occurs on 5 consecutive days, I provide a coaching / homework program that runs for 4 sessions after the class is finished. This is part of the course, not an add-on. (If the training occurs on five days, at least a week apart, the homework occurs during the week. It’s usually sent via email with appropriate coaching to follow.) Assuming the student does this work, the confidence level (in addition to the awareness of competence) is awesome.

Some people have asked "What if my friend (client) gets really upset? What can I do? I'll only be a beginner."

What a great question that is and it's certainly appropriate. During the class we include techniques which may totally avert a possibility that will happen AND you'll have ways to deal with it if it does.

As I already mentioned, there is homework. There's a textbook along with specific assignments and specific practice sessions.

Call 253-225-9731 for information / registration.

Schedule Dates & Location

Time: typically 9am-5:30pm

Private instruction may be arranged.

If you're interested in this course for personal use and perhaps family, tuition is $1295.

If you're interested in reaching out to more people -- becoming a praticing hypnotist -- tuition is $1495.

Tuition is payable in U.S. funds only. On your registration form indicate your preferred method of payment: credit card, personal check or money order (made payable to Barbara Hawkins). Payment in full is required before the course begins unless otherwise arranged. If cancellation is necessary within 10 days of the course start date, your refund will be less $495. If it's necessary for you to cancel within 21 days of the course start date, your refund will be less $150. Once the class has begun, no refund is available. However a reschedule may be arranged. If you'd like me to come to you for a private training and you live more than ten miles from my home, the tuition is $2395.

Course Graduates can repeat the course for $595 with a new notebook OR $495 using the old notebook. If you lose your notebook, you can replace it for $99 plus shipping.

This is a Master Hypnotist certification course. It is not only expected, it is REQUIRED that you practice and do homework between class sessions. By the end of the course you must evidence your competence - by your conversation, your questions, your behavior and your conduct of practice sessions - that you have practiced and done your homework. Homework is to be submitted via email or hard copy. You will be required to hypnotize and take Barbara Hawkins – or someone she designates – through a complete session in order to give evidence of a reasonable level of confidence and competence.

At the end of the course, assuming you have fulfilled the above, you will receive a certificate as a Master Hypnotist which then entitles you to apply for membership in The American Board of Hypnotherapy.  

If the above conditions have not been satisfactorily fulfilled yet there has been full-day attendance in every class, a Certificate of Attendance is issued. In the eventuality that a student receives the Certificate of Attendance and would like to be certified as a Master Hypnotist, the student has three months in which to contact Barbara Hawkins and arrange a time at which the student hypnotizes Ms. Hawkins in order to evidence a reasonable degree of competence. After that session, if Ms. Hawkins believes the student has shown a reasonable degree of competency, a Master Hypnotist certificate will be issued to replace the Certificate of Attendance.

Texts for the course are:

Required Texts

Recommended Text

It is expected that each student will buy their own books.

While the above are available from Amazon, students are free to buy where they choose.

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