Client Info

Clients receive all pertinent information (via email or US mail) before their appointment whenever possible so that they have the opportunity to read disclosure information concerning Life By Design with Barbara Jo Hawkins at their leisure and they can fill out their intake form in advance. If there is not time in advance of the appointment, the documents are provided at the beginning of the session and ample time is given to read all of them as well as fill out the intake form. Clients will be informed of the purposes of and resources available under Washington State RCW Chapter 18.19, including the right of clients to refuse treatment, the responsibility of clients for choosing the provider and treatment modality which best suits their needs, and the extent of confidentiality provided by RCW 18.19. Clients are informed of the hypnotist’s relevant education and training, the intention of the practice, the proposed course of sessions when known, and financial requirements.

Hypnosis, NLP (neaurolinguistic programming) EFT and other such technologies do not take the place of medical treatment. Barbara Hawkins, the hypnotist, is not a medical physician or other medical professional and proposed sessions do not take the place of a physician, medical assessment and treatment or therapy. If a client has physical or psychiatric symptoms they should seek medical or psychiatric advice.

Clients are made fully aware of the hypnosis process and they request and agree to have hypnosis techniques applied to themselves. Neurolinguistic Programming techniques and Emotional Freedom Technique may be used as part of the session. If they are, they are fully explained before the client agrees to their use.

Clients are informed that the regular session fee is $85 an hour.

An in-depth interview is conducted by Barbara Hawkins, the hypnotist, before the first session with a new client. This may be very detailed especially for a) weight management  b) smoking cessation  c) drug/alcohol cessation sessions.

Clients are informed that the fee of $299.00 for the first a) weight management,  or b) smoking cessation,  or c) drug/alcohol cessation session is expected at time of appointment/service and is not refundable. Subsequent sessions are at the regular rate of $85 an hour.

Clients who are seeking help to stop any addiction(s) must show written proof they are in counseling and/or a treatment program in order have a session. (Hypnosis does not take the place of appropriate medical assessment and treatment.)  If a client makes an appointment and fails to bring the written proof of counseling and/or treatment, the appointment will be terminated and a one hour fee of $85 is due immediately. If, at a later time, the client has written proof of counseling and/or treatment and they desire to schedule an appointment, the $85 fee will be applied to that appointment's total amount due.

If Barbara Hawkins, the hypnotist, has identified that a client is not achieving favorable results during hypnosis or the client does not desire to continue with the session then the session will be terminated and concerns will be addressed to either: a) reschedule an appointment for another time, or b) refund clients money with exception of $100.00 appointment fee.

Clients are informed that there is no guarantee regarding a) weight/size change  or b) smoking cessation or  c) drug/alcohol cessation or d) any other specific outcome.

Credit cards -- MasterCard or Visa -- can be used for payment via e mail only as pre-payment for the session. An invoice is issued via email through a secure email service (PayPal). Personal check or money order pre-payment may also be arranged using US mail.

Barbara Hawkins, the hypnotist, will not be held responsible for perceived negative effects that a client may believe they’ve experienced from a hypnosis session or if the client believes the hypnosis session did not achieve their expectations.