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Your Path to Success

We are the architects of our lives. All we need is Awareness and Action.

The awareness that each of us is the creator of our life. Hypnosis is an enjoyable, effective way to help us fulfill our creation. Learn More
Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

Willpower doesn’t work. Like moods and emotions, willpower fluctuates. One day it’s strong. The next day it may be weak. Using hypnosis, the goal is to eliminate the desire for cigarettes or other tobacco products. Imagine … not even a desire for it. Imagine... one minute you may desire the old habit and, after our session, you may be totally free of it!

Weight Management

Weight Management

Do you desire to change your weight or size? Hypnosis helps you to accomplish your dream through more desirable thoughts and attitudes about your life; easily control your portion size; make good choices about foods you enjoy that help you be healthier and slimmer. It’s not just about a temporary change. It’s about maintaining it with ease and hypnosis helps you create a plan to do that. It works for you!

Stress Management

Stress Management

Stress may come in many forms: physical, mental or emotional. There's no 'magic button to handle it but you can get relief using hyposis. Hypnosis allows you to relax - both physically, mentally and emotionally. Through hypnosis you can expect increased relaxation; increased self-confidence; improved decision-making ability; and improved overall quality of life.

ABH Trainer

Barbara J Hawkins Sea stars – or starfish as they’re commonly known – have the remarkable ability to regrow their arms if they’re damaged or eaten by predators. In fact, sometimes an entire sea star has regenerated from a single arm! The process is slow but it can be done.

At Life By Design, we believe human beings have a similar ability – that is, when ‘damaged’ or hurt, we too can regenerate. Sometimes in a truly remarkable way!

Whether the ‘hurt’ is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual there’s opportunity for healing and growth. At Life By Design with Barbara Jo Hawkins, hypnosis is used in multiple ways – reduce stress; enhance quality of life; improve sports performance; regression; Ericksonian language and so much more. Clients also benefit from modalities such as Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in addition to hypnosis.

Our focus is on YOU – helping you live a happier, healthier, wealthier and wiser life!

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What others have to say
  • Kelly K.

    Wonderful training! Thanks to (my practice partner). I liked taht it was very interactive; discussion was allowed to go where it needed to go...Wonderful training! Thanks to you and (my practice partner)

    Kelly K.
  • Sheila S.

    We moved through the material at an understandable pace. You were thorough without being redundant. This course is one of the highlights of my life. I am excited about everything. The information is priceless and I highly recommend your course.

    Sheila S.
  • Kriss S.

    I attended a Goal Setting weekend retreat with Barbara that I found incredibly valuable. We were given lots of time to work on our own individual goal setting, focusing on what things could be blocking the manifestation of our goals....

    Kriss S.