About Barbara Jo Hawkins

Barbara Hawkins specializes in the use of NLP techniques for post traumatic stress disorder, phobias, grief resolution, and regression therapy. In 2003 Barbara became a Certified Hypnosis Instructor and has received nothing but praise from those attending her classes.

"After 18 years' experience as a Hypnotist and 20 years as an Instructor in self-hypnosis (The Silva Method) I can truly say that my life has been, and continues to be, tremendously improved and enriched by using the same tools I use with my clients.  It thrills me to share these hypnosis techniques with students who take the Hypnosis Certification Training – the cream of Hypnosis, NLP and Applied Kinesiology presented in a practical format."

One of the perks of taking your Hypnosis Certification Training with Barbara are the before and after class activities which help you get the most out of the training.

In Barbara's hypnosis practice and in the course, she emphasizes “getting to the cause” rather than attempting to change things by just adding new suggestions. (By the way, the course is for lay people and professionals alike.) "Graduates often call or email to tell me about fabulous experiences they've had – personally or with a client – and I ‘walk on air’ for days. And I love the stories I hear from my clients!"

"I use a lot of humor as we go along because that allows students to expand their viewpoint, to see the possibilities. As the class progresses, we support each other as we envision using our hypnosis tools. It’s so cool when students understand their life can be different – their problems and challenges can become opportunities and adventures."

Because Barbara has personal experience as a hypnosis practitioner and an instructor, she can answer a multitude of questions and help people envision specific ways to use the tools – all of which helps them to achieve their desires.

In addition to hypnosis, Barbara teaches The Silva Life System and The Silva Intuition System as well as other workshops such as ‘In Touch With Your Life Plan & Your Future’ and ‘Making the Law of Attraction Work for You’.

Reading and studying extensively in the fields of hypnotherapy and human potential, Barbara continues to add to her repertoire of techniques and approaches so that she may help her clients achieve their stated goals in the most efficacious manner.

Barbara's formal education was at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri, and at The University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky.

In addition to her Hypnosis Certification and Silva Instructor / Coach Certification, Barbara is an ordained Minister; is a certified Reiki Master; is a certified Energy Restoration practitioner; is certified in The ReConnection™ energy healing; and she is certified to do the actual ReConnection™ and she has some training in Comfort Touch. Barbara has done Shamanic Training with Hank Wesselman and has attended 8 programs at The Monroe Institute 

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"We moved through the material at an understandable pace. You were thorough without being redundant. This course is one of the highights of my life. I am excited about everything. The information is priceless and I highly recommend your course."  Sheila S.


"Wonderful training! Thanks to (my practice partner). I liked taht it was very interactive; discussion was allowed to go where it needed to go...Wonderful training! Thanks to you and (my practice partner)." Kelly K.


Well, what did I expect? Frankly, no matter what my expectations, this workshop easily surpassed expectation! This experience with Barbara is unlike any "goal setting" work I’ve ever done (and I've done several). Will you have time and opportunity to sit with yourself and clarify what you think your goals are? Absolutely! Will you learn that you have a life contract and purpose that may include goals you didn’t even realize you had? Quite likely! Will you clear a path through roadblocks that may have deterred you from accomplishing your goals ‘til now? Probably! Will you be asked to share specifics about your goals or talk about why you’ve "failed" in achieving them – definitely not! What I got from this workshop is joyful alignment with my life’s purpose. I got clear on the DELIGHT life is when I know for certain I’m on the path to my heart’s desires. It’s only been a couple weeks and I’ve already passed a goal that’s been eluding me for a year. Soon I’ll be celebrating ! accompl ishment of a goal that’s defied me for several years……Beyond that…Well, I came away from this workshop with visions more wonderful than I ever dreamed possible – and I KNOW they’re not idle dreams – I’m already seeing RESULTS! Thank you, Barbara, for a life-changing experience!

I attended a Goal Setting weekend retreat with Barbara that I found incredibly valuable. We were given lots of time to work on our own individual goal setting, focusing on what things could be blocking the manifestation of our goals. There were three wonderful visualizations that were very powerful for making sure I was congruent with my Soul's contract. One of them cleared away all the woundings associated with the blocks to my success. There was so much more I cannot begin to describe it all. Barbara has a way of giving each person the time they need while not forgetting the rest of the group. I came away with deep insights into my patterns and new energy to manifest my goals for the coming year. Barbara creates a relaxed and supportive environment to do deep internal work. I look forward to taking more classes with Barbara in the future.
Kriss S.

One of the techniques Barbara teaches in this class is a way to get back into alignment with your life purpose. I thought the idea was neat when I heard it but I didn't realize the impact it made until a few days later. Somewhere between reviewing my business plan a week before Barbara's event and reviewing the plan again a week after, the revenue I was estimating I would make this year went from $55,000 to $150,000. This fit right in with what I know my purpose to be, though I didn't notice how much my thought process had changed until I was reviewing my plan and thought $55,000 was not big enough.

Wow! Where to begin???
In the past, I've resisted any "goal-setting activity". The format used at the retreat was easy AND FUN to do. This process allowed me to really evaluate if any particular goal was something I truly intended for my life. Taking a good look at what held me back - negative remains from this life and others - was a very valuable exercise. And finally, the results of the exercise for erasing the stumbling blocks and old programs brought immediate change deep within me. And the changes keep coming! What can I say but Wow! Thanks Barbara!
Jeanne G.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Hawkins and taking her comprehensive course in hypnosis. Ms Hawkins has a wonderful sense of humor and masterfully delivers complex concepts and techniques related to hypnosis. Several of my clients have benefited greatly from the clinical skills and techniques taught by Ms. Hawkins.

Ms. Hawkin's class is a must for anyone new to hypnosis, or seasoned hypnotists and hypnotherapist's alike. You will learn something new!
J. Strickland, MSW

I highly recommend Barbara Hawkin's Comprehensive Hypnosis training to any human service oriented professional.

What I see as most important is Ms Hawkins brings a wealth of experience as a competent hypnotherapist to the training, something that is priceless.

Second, Ms. Hawkins has finesse as an instructor, able to meet the needs of a diversely oriented group of students and she is able to simply teach what could be a very complex process of hypnosis.

Last but not least, Ms. Hawkins brings eloquence and a marvelous sense of humor to her class, which was a delight for me. Take her class, you will be pleased and gain very useful skills and knowledge in assisting others through their life's journey.
M. Strickland, RN, MSW

The techniques I learned in Barbara’s Five Day Hypnosis Training are a great adjunct to traditional therapy.

In dealing with traumatic events, the Trauma Eraser clears the field of the emotional backlash and allows traditional therapy to proceed more easily. The Client feels immediate relief and thus approaches additional therapy in a more hopeful frame of mind.

Regression gets to the root cause of the client’s difficulties quickly. Use of the ideomotor response in trance communicates directly with the client’s subconscious mind and can by-pass denial and ensure that what is being worked with is exactly what is needed.

Hypnosis is very synergistic with traditional therapy and can be used to support the client with positive suggestions and memories of successes. Future pacing allows the client to see themselves successfully applying changes made at depth.

The ways hypnosis works within traditional therapy are as many and varied as the personalities and issues of the clients themselves.
Jeanne G. from Gig Harbor, WA

Barbara’s hypnotherapy class was just what I had been searching for. It has had immediate and profound effects on my counseling practice.

With what I learned from Barbara, I am able to take clients into a deep hypnotic state quickly & easily and have methods for assisting them to realize the roots of their problems and make lasting changes in their lives
Ann S. from Gig Harbor

The comprehensive Hypnosis Training is everything it was advertised to be...and more! Your teaching skills are wonderful and the scripts are excellent. I had a confidence in the techniques and in my ability to use them

I was blown away with this course. Walt Disney could have easily learned the principal of the 'unexpected bonus' from (this course).

After hearing her intro tape, I had high expectations. But the course surpassed 'phenomenal.'

Most people only know about (hypnosis) for smoking and weight loss…Visit a treasured memory, realizing the ways it has supported you throughout your life. Erase trauma from your memories.

Find the root cause of emotions that are not serving you. Preview upcoming events in your life to make them significantly smoother.
R.C. of Tampa, FL, a student of Carolyn Deal

Even though I may never become a practitioner, this class has improved my life already!
Derrick C, Louisville KY

If you have researched this far into hypnotherapy, it means you are seeking; if you are seeking you may just find exactly what you're looking for.

In 2016, I was once again compelled to become a former smoker. Toward this goal, during the past 40 yrs., I have explored many options on my own unsuccessfully. I felt more sure than ever that I was in need of outside help. I was also sure this help would not include any form of nicotine. So I said: "OK GOOGLE"! Over the next few weeks I found myself navigating past many a lighthouse of possibility; the most intriguing was the recommend of certified hypnotherapists, not one, but two of them.

After personal consultations (free), discovering that therapy by phone was an option, navigating websites, using links, studying reviews, prayer and a leap of faith, I chose Barbara Jo Hawkins, certified hypnotherapist and hypnosis instructor. She seemed to be the right, personal fit for me. After diving into this new adventure with an open mind and an expectation for success, I found myself not just a former smoker, but quite in awe of future possibilities available to me for improving my well being and seeing my future health become better and better!

I have since continued with Barbara Hawkins, seeking diligently what she has to offer. I find her to be one of those unique individuals for whom I will offer my personal testimony. Barbara provides a very professional approach to individual therapy, however; when we are finished with a session, I feel very cared for. I not only feel that I have been treated with special care, but that I am special! What more can a person ask for? I imagine that her group training is the same and I look forward to pursuing that as well.

In the meantime, I am enjoying new "tools" now available to me which have enabled the ease of serious back surgery and continued ease of recovery beyond the expectations of all involved!

For this review I will give the maximum number of stars available!

Kathie B. from Colorado