About Barbara Jo Hawkins

Barbara Hawkins specializes in the use of NLP techniques for post traumatic stress disorder, phobias, grief resolution, and regression therapy. In 2003 Barbara became a Certified Hypnosis Instructor and has received nothing but praise from those attending her classes.

"After 18 years' experience as a Hypnotist and 20 years as an Instructor in self-hypnosis (The Silva Method) I can truly say that my life has been, and continues to be, tremendously improved and enriched by using the same tools I use with my clients.  It thrills me to share these hypnosis techniques with students who take the Hypnosis Certification Training – the cream of Hypnosis, NLP and Applied Kinesiology presented in a practical format."

One of the perks of taking your Hypnosis Certification Training with Barbara are the before and after class activities which help you get the most out of the training.

In Barbara's hypnosis practice and in the course, she emphasizes “getting to the cause” rather than attempting to change things by just adding new suggestions. (By the way, the course is for lay people and professionals alike.) "Graduates often call or email to tell me about fabulous experiences they've had – personally or with a client – and I ‘walk on air’ for days. And I love the stories I hear from my clients!"

"I use a lot of humor as we go along because that allows students to expand their viewpoint, to see the possibilities. As the class progresses, we support each other as we envision using our hypnosis tools. It’s so cool when students understand their life can be different – their problems and challenges can become opportunities and adventures."

Because Barbara has personal experience as a hypnosis practitioner and an instructor, she can answer a multitude of questions and help people envision specific ways to use the tools – all of which helps them to achieve their desires.

In addition to hypnosis, Barbara teaches The Silva Life System and The Silva Intuition System as well as other workshops such as ‘In Touch With Your Life Plan & Your Future’ and ‘Making the Law of Attraction Work for You’.

Reading and studying extensively in the fields of hypnotherapy and human potential, Barbara continues to add to her repertoire of techniques and approaches so that she may help her clients achieve their stated goals in the most efficacious manner.

Barbara's formal education was at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri, and at The University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky.

In addition to her Hypnosis Certification and Silva Instructor / Coach Certification, Barbara is an ordained Minister; is a certified Reiki Master; is a certified Energy Restoration practitioner; is certified in The ReConnection™ energy healing; and she is certified to do the actual ReConnection™ and she has some training in Comfort Touch. Barbara has done Shamanic Training with Hank Wesselman and has attended 8 programs at The Monroe Institute 

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What Is Hypnosis

What is hypnosis?

Is it a deep sleep? No

Brainwashing? No

What does it feel like? Relaxing

Where did it come from? It's been around throughout recorded history.

Few therapeutic procedures are less understood, or more plagued by misconceptions and misunderstandings.

How does hypnosis work? Well, let's see...


Hypnosis, simply defined is...

A state of mental focus

‚ÄčA relaxed state, physically and mentally

Temporarily suspended critcal facutly of mind.


First of all, let me point out that all hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis. No hypnotist can "make" you become hypnotized. Nor can they "make" you do anything.

Most of us have caught ourselves daydreaming. Many of us who drive have had the experience of arriving at our destination without any recall of having made the trip there! Becoming lost in a movie, completely focused in an enjoyable activity such as a hobby, reading a book, watching TV ... any activity in which we seem to become 'lost' as far as time goes. Sometimes I start an activity when the sun is shing brightly and, all of a sudden, I realize it's dark outside!

According to one expert, most of us experience this about four hours a day ... and this is considered a state of hypnosis. Natural, normal for all of us. When you include natural dream state too ... also technically hypnosis ... that number rises to about seven hours during each day! Again, natural, normal for all of us.

In all of these instances, our focus causes the brain waves to become predominantly Alpha which is associated with communication with the subconscious mind. 

In hypnosis you are

  • relaxed - both physically and mentally
  • focused
  • very quiet body
  • hyper-aware of your five senses
  • experiencing rapid eye movement, as in dreaming

Your moral and ethical code is, if anything, stronger than ever when you're in a state of hypnosis. Nobody can cause you to violate your own code, standards and beliefs using suggestion hypnosis. 

As a hypnosis client, what benefits can you expect?

  • increased rexation, lower stress
  • increased focus ability
  • increased self-confidence
  • improved memory
  • improved decision-making ability
  • improved overall quality of life

There are so many potential specific applications - like moving into a more satisfying career, making more money, attracting a soul-mate - that I'd need a lot more space to make a list!

The best hypnosis clients are people who are intelligent, have a strong mind, excellent concentration, not overly critical.

In closing, I'd like to mention that no hypnotist has special powers. Hypnotists have special training!


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